Florida Shooter Revealed, Posted Disturbing Messages Online

Florida was disheartened to have experienced another mass shooting on Sunday afternoon, after someone who lost in a friendly video game tournament playing the popular Madden NFL football game, decided to come back and shoot and kill four people, while wounding several others.

There has been rampant speculation on who the shooter actually was. For a while people thought it was a kid named Derek Jones, who went on Twitter and wrote about killing people while getting knocked out in the first round of the tournament. That seemed like an easy target considering the evidence. But, it's not him.

Still - given the nature of the tweet, Jones account has been suspended.

The shooter is said to be David Katz, a white male who goes by the handle 'Ravenschamp,' formerly known as the gamer 'Bread.' Several people at the scene confirmed this.

Not much is known about Katz right now other than past tweets he has posted using a Twitter account he ran under 'Madden 17 Tips.' And, they are pretty disturbing.

Even though Katz hasn't tweeted in while under the handle (his last tweet was in February), it looks like a shooting of this type has been festering for quite some time now.

We took the liberty of screenshoting those before Twitter takes them down, too.

Those should have raised a few red flags to those closest to Katz but we must point out that he didn't say anything illegal.

Katz later ranted and raved about how Electronic Arts, the maker of the game, wasn't doing a good job with newer versions of it.

He then started posting comments about wanting to take his own life, as well as how much he hated other people. He claims the only reason he didn't was because he had a girlfriend at the time.

If you haven't seen it already, here's footage that broke shortly after Katz opened up fire during the tournament while it was streaming online.

The sad thing is - in addition to the amount of irreparable damage this person did to his victims and their families - is the fact that this could have been prevented months ago, when he first posted these.

While we are still learning more about this guy, we're going to take a good guess and say he didn't have the right supporting cast surrounding him.

There's still A LOT we can do as a society to help people who are suicidal and/or have mental issues.

This is still a breaking news story. More information is coming out by the second.