Billionaire sports team owner complains he's a slave, goes on rant

A recently released email shows Chicago Cubs owner Joe Ricketts going on a bizarre rant explaining why he thinks he's a slave.

Now, the email is from 2011, but it is just now making its rounds in the news. It's unclear who released the email at this time.

Long story short, he hates paying taxes, calls himself one of the "tax paying citizens," and suggests that non-taxpaying citizens shouldn't have as much say in government.

After you've digested the short email above, remember, the man's personal net worth is somewhere around $2.2 billion. We understand he pays a lot of taxes, but he also makes more than most people will ever see in a hundred life times.

He also forgets to mention that his political influence on government decision-makers is rather great. Get this: one of his son's, Pete Ricketts has served as governor of Nebraska since 2015. He got elected after that "slave email."

His other son Todd Ricketts became finance chairman for the Republican National Committee recently. We'd say that's pretty powerful.

He also is considered a major player in the political arena in other ways. In fact, his whole family is. According to NBC Chicago, it's normal for him to be hosting high-dollar fundraisers and donating millions to influence presidential elections. Just in 2016 alone, he and his wife Marlene were among the top 20 contributors to federal campaigns alone, donating $15 million.

So, maybe Mr. billionaire Joe Ricketts isn't as mad now about being a "slave" now or maybe he still is. Maybe, employees in unions should get mad that they don't have as much political influence as he does. It's possible they're the real slaves working for other people just so billionaires like him can get so rich that they have to donate millions every single year to Republicans, who in return, try to take benefits away from poor people for just 1% of the population to pay less taxes on income they don't know what to do with.

Mr. Rickett's, if you're listening, we dedicate this Brittany Spears song to you.