Bill Barr's own handpicked investigator says he can't back up Trump's right-wing theories: report

U.S. Attorney General William Barr appointed longtime U.S. Attorney John Durham to launch a separate criminal investigation in order to determine how the FBI's Russia probe began, hoping to confirm right-wing theories, yet according to the Washington Post, he's saying he can't find any evidence it was all a sham.

That's bad news for President Donald Trump who continues to claim it was all a setup.

On Wednesday, Durham told DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz that there simply is nothing leading him to believe that anti-Trump actors are pulling any strings here in an attempt to conspire against the president.

This is in addition to the Inspector General's own report that largely concluded that the FBI was justified in pursuing it's Russia investigation against the Trump campaign.

One insane theory debunked: Republicans want you to believe that a Maltese professor who interacted with a Trump campaign adviser was actually a U.S. intelligence asset deployed to "ensare the campaign," but that was disproved easily.

The public release of Horowitz's report will come out on Monday, and so far, we only have a draft of Durham's findings - it's not final yet.

This is pretty telling, though, what we know so far. Trump and his allies have made this one of their biggest arguments to date, that the FBI probe into him was all a hoax and somehow launched by his enemies to unseat him.

That, however, sells better to Republican audiences than it does with the truth.