Biden calls out Lindsey Graham: He's about to go down and regret his whole life (VIDEO)

Former Vice President and 2020 candidate Joe Biden was asked about his friend Senator Lindsey Graham opening up a probe into him recently by CNN's Don Lemon.

Biden paused for a long time, mostly due to the shock of Graham actually doing this to him, and his response was sharp and brutal:

"They're asking Lindsey Graham. They have him under their thumb right now. They know, he knows, if he comes out against Trump, he has a real tough road for re-election. That's number one. I am disappointed, and quite frankly, I'm angered by the fact. He knows me. He knows my son. He knows there's nothing to this."

He went on:

"Trump is now essentially holding power over him even the Ukrainians wouldn't even yield to. The Ukrainians wouldn't do it even. Lindsey is about to go down in a way that I think he's going to regret his whole life."

Don Lemon: What do you say to him?

"I say Lindsey, I'm embarrassed by what you're doing, for you. I mean, my lord."

Lindsey is even going on Fox News and bragging about his actions with Sean Hannity. That's the reward here: He needs a television audience to cheer him on while going after Biden.

Lindsey was more smiles than usual while talking.

Biden also took the opportunity in the interview with Lemon to dismiss concerns about his health, specifically someone in Mayor Bloomberg's camp who doesn't think he can make it past the finish line.

"Come on. I welcome the competition. Watch me. Watch me. The idea that I'm not in better shape than Mayor Bloomberg, physically and otherwise? Look. Trump is so bad as a president and so corrupt as a president that everybody in America, especially if they have a billion dollars, thinks they can beat Trump. Maybe they could."