Biden beats Trump at own "America First" game to strengthen economy

Joe Biden released a plan on Thursday to to spend $700 billion on American products and research, beating Donald Trump to the punch on an economic policy to revive the American economy. This is a direct challenge to Trump's "America First" agenda and a shot across Trump's bow as Biden is widely believed to be trailing the President in polls on the economy.

In his biggest policy proposal to date since becoming the presumptive Democratic Party nominee, Biden called for the federal government to spend $400 billion over four years on materials and services made in the United States, as well as $300 billion on U.S.-based research and development involving electric cars, artificial intelligence and similar technologies.

He also advocated a 100-day “supply chain review” that could require  federal agencies to buy only medical supplies and other goods  manufactured in the United States. And he urged an end to loopholes that  let procurement officers and federal contractors get around  existing  “Buy American” clauses.

Biden unveiled the policy during a speech at a metal works plant in Dunmore in Pennsylvania, a crucial battleground state.

Some Trump allies were understandably frustrated with the announcement, as Trump has been preparing to release his own "Buy American" policy. That policy has apparently been held up due to internal White House objections.

“They are essentially trying to steal the Trump program of 2016 and steal that playbook,” Trump’s former chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon said on his radio program. “For some reason, the White House and the campaign have been caught flat-footed. Biden has very smart people around him, particularly on the economic side.”