Biden accuser is now oddly trolling the Associated Press online about her own story: 'it's false'

Tara Reade, the former Senate staffer who came out with allegations against Joe Biden last year and again this year with new, never before discussed accusations, is now trolling the Associated Press's new exclusive story on Saturday about her own account.

On Saturday evening, hours after Associated Press leaked new details about the evidence, Ms. Reade claimed the story was false from a Twitter account that she regularly uses.

Tara Reade official Twitter account

What part of the story is she referring to as false? Is she claiming the entire story is false or just the small text that showed up on Twitter before you clicked into the article?

On Saturday it was also reported that Reade was due to appear in a first-ever television interview with Fox's Chris Wallace, but she allegedly backed out of that interview at the last minute.

The new AP exclusive is based on interviews she herself had with them in 2019. The AP claims she told them she doesn't have a copy of the complaint she filed back in 1993. Biden has gone on the record of asking the Senate and the National Archives to search their records to try to locate a complaint from Reade.

Now - in the new exclusive story - the AP is saying that based on their old interviews with Reade from 2019 (which several parts still exist on video) she suggested that even if the report surfaces it would not corroborate her own assault allegations.

Based on Reade's tweet today, she's livid the AP is claiming this. She's not only at war with the Biden campaign and the American public for the truth, she's battling with the Associated Press on the truth of her own interviews with them.

It's not going to be easy for her to get her story out in a way that reflects on her positively if this kind of back and forth with the press continues.