Barr shocks Senate by defiantly telling them 'No.' Then shrugging it off (VIDEO)

Attorney General Barr's testimony today in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee is now officially over.

Just before breaking, Senator Blumenthal asked if there were any notes of his call with Mueller, which Barr confirms exist. Except, he's not handing them over.

Blumenthal: “May we have those notes?”

Barr: “No.”

Blumenthal: “Why not?”

Barr: (shrugs) “Why should you have them?”

Right after he said this you could hear someone gasp in the back, just before Chairman Lindsey Graham interjected and tried to come to Barr's defense, saying he would give the committee ample opportunity to discuss things with Mueller himself.

While Special Counsel Robert Mueller will certainly be able to provide information on the record, which may contradict a lot of what Barr said, it's unclear why Barr is being so defiant.

Barr's conversations with Mueller are certainly relevant, we know that. Before this hearing even began, Barr's resignation was asked for by Senator Chris Van Hollen, who claims that Barr "totally misled him, the Congress, and the public."

Senator Van Hollen: "On April 20th, I asked Barr, “Did Bob Mueller support your conclusion?” His answer was, “I don’t know whether Mueller supported my conclusion.”

Another notable moment in the hearing came when Senator Kamala Harris, who is one of the 2020 presidential candidates, got Barr to admit that he decided not to charge Trump with obstruction without examining any of the underlying evidence.

This might be one of the most overlooked parts of the hearing. Kamala really does a number on him here.