Avenatti's Response To Trump's Latest Outburst Is Pure 'Gold'

President Donald Trump went after lawyer Michael Avenatti directly for the first time in their long standing feud, which started when he took on representation of Stormy Daniels.

Now that Avenatti is representing a third accuser in the Judge Kavanaugh saga, Julie Swetnick, Trump can't remain silent any longer. He went after Avenatti and not the third accuser in this case, claiming he is a "third rate lawyer," who is making "false accusations."

Avenatti, not to be outdone, and who says he is seriously considering running for president himself against Trump in the 2020 elections, didn't take long to respond to the guy who spends half of his time in the White House and the other half on the golf course.

Right now - Julie Swetnick is claiming a lot. Kavanaugh says this is simply the stuff of the "Twilight Zone." He maintains his innocence and says he's nothing more than a choir boy who likes to go to church and spend time with family. The woman, and two other accusers, claim that's false. Other people close to Kavanaugh during his Yale years claim he's lying about other things - that he's not a virgin like he has previously said. The list goes on.

Avenatti says they simply want an investigation and that there are several corroborating witnesses. The Senate Judiciary Committee doesn't appear to be listening to his request to be heard and is simply moving forward on Kavanaugh's first accuser, hoping that will be enough to satisfy the public.

Stay tuned on more confrontation between Trump and Avenatti. This is just the beginning.