Attorney General walks off stage when asked why he's spinning Mueller's Report

Attorney General William Barr didn't do a very good job at fielding criticism from Congressional Democrats that he's acting more like an attorney for President Trump than the top attorney for the people of The United States.

In fact, that's exactly what it looked like he was doing.

When he was asked specifically if holding this press conference made it seem like he was spinning the report before everyone got a chance to read it, Barr simply says 'no' and abruptly ends the press conference. He then walks off the stage.

He refused to follow-up on this and thought leaving the press conference was justified. It was incredibly disrespectful.

Want to see? Watch for yourself below.

Right now, no one except Barr and his team have seen the report, with the exception of the White House, who Barr says has a right to see what is worthy of being redacted or not. It's unclear why he had to do this press conference or why Special Counsel Robert Mueller wasn't there.

Earlier in the conference when Barr was asked why Mueller wasn't present, he said that's because it's his report to discuss. Mueller reports to him he claims. While that may be true, Mueller is the one who wrote it, and the American people have an interest in hearing directly from him.

Another oddity - before Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi gets to see it, Barr will only let some lawmakers view the unredacted report, which is likely to upset many Democrats.

Another strange point is the fact that Barr acknowledges 10 "episodes" of potential obstruction related to President Trump but he disagreed with Mueller's legal theories.

Many people are refusing to accept Barr's findings and are preferring instead to read the report themselves.