Trump decides to go on vacation at Camp David as Hurricane Dorian gets closer

President Donald Trump canceled his trip overseas to Poland and is sending Vice President Pence instead because he said he wanted to be here for Hurricane Dorian.

Yet - today - on a Friday - instead of staying in the White House to monitor the threat he decided to take Marine One to Camp David and will be staying there for the entirety of the weekend. In essence, it's a nice mini vacation.

Let's think about this for a second and put everything on the timeline - Dorian doesn't hit land on the Florida coast until late Monday or early Tuesday. Pence will be attending a ceremony in Poland on Sunday. Instead of sitting on his butt at Camp David, Trump could have went on his overseas trip instead of going on vacation and still made it back in time. He could have monitored the hurricane and been in touch with FEMA the exact same way he will be doing at Camp David. He decided not to.

Trump made a number of remarks to the press before departing.

Trump will likely make the argument that he's going to be having a working weekend, as he typically does when he frequents Mar-a-Lago or one of his golf resorts, but that's not very typical.  Presidents have always historically gone to Camp David to get away from the public spotlight - that's the whole point of it. It's a good place to spend time outdoors and get away from the stress of the White House. Basically: It's not a good look for Trump to be going there right now.

People online started accusing the president of being a coward:

"Gee, I wonder why Cadet Bone Spurs the bravest man on Earth, isn't going to Mar-A-Bloggo to watch Hurricane Dorian ? Hiding at Camp David, which he hates. Afraid?" said Suzy Howell.

"Hiding out at Camp David...what a coward." said another.

One person thinks this is the only way he can get away with playing golf at a time like this, away from prying eyes. Camp David has a golf course, by the way.

"They're hiding out at Camp David ... probably playing the 9-hole course there ..."