Ann Coulter Uses President Bush's Funeral To Joke About The Deaths Of Clinton And Carter

Today was a very non-partisan day.

As President George H.W. Bush's memory was honored by current and former president's alike, and for once the spotlight wasn't on Trump or his antics, the nation came together to mourn the loss of its 41st president, or at least to pay its respects.

Ann Coulter ruined all that.

She looked at the presidential funeral as an opportunity to joke about the future deaths of President Clinton and President Carter.

While Clinton may not be as old as Carter, he has previously had heart bypass surgery, successfully placing two stents in his chest arteries.

Also, Jimmy Carter is 94 years old, so his presidential funeral may not be too far off, god forbid that should happen soon.

Even with her extremely insensitive comment, it seems like she was the only one, so that's the good news. Virtually 99% of all commentary witnesses on social media has been positive.

Republicans even attacked her for it.

Ann Coulter's gripe with the current administration is that Trump hasn't followed through with building a wall on the border with Mexico.

She has also joked that maybe she should have voted for Hillary because she once commented that Europe "needs to get a handle on migration."

Looks like nobody can please Ann Coulter on anything.