An ICE guard just drove his truck into a crowd of protesters and gets away with it (VIDEO)

On Wednesday night, an ICE guard was seen suddenly driving his truck into a crowd of peaceful protesters.

"This is a horrifying display of violence, and just a small sample of what ICE does every single day," a statement from the group New Again Action reads.

"We’re putting our bodies on the line because we see the camps and the roundups. We’ve learned from our ancestors: NEVER AGAIN FOR ANYONE."

The prison guard responsible for this horrific act is the guy standing in the middle of the picture below.

His name isn't currently being reported.

Instead of being arrested, the other ICE guards supported him, and then decided to pepper spray the crowd.

Throughout the entire episode, everyone kept chanting: "The whole world is watching. The whole world is watching."

But, that didn't do anything to stop the guards. The police simply looked on and let it happen, without lifting a finger to help.

People could be heard saying: "I got pepper sprayed, please help me."

It appears the guards just didn't like what the crowd was doing, not that they posed a threat of any kind.

One man told his story on Twitter about how he wasn't anywhere near the cops but his camera was likely what made him a target.

Film is powerful and cops know it.

Sam Eilertsen, who wants to abolish ICE due to their abhorrent treatment of immigrants, says that while the videos are bad, it just can't be compared to what they're doing every single day in their official line of work against helpless people.

"While the violence against us was horrifying, it's nothing compared to what's being done to migrants on the border and people detained by ICE. The prison guards who behaved like this were trained to do things like this to people in detention."