An 8-year-old just proved she can climb over Trump's new border 2 minutes (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump has stated time and time again that his new wall along the U.S. southern border is going to be “virtually impenetrable.”

He claims that he's even enlisted the world's greatest rock climbers to test it out.

“We have, I guess you could say, world-class mountain climbers. We got climbers,” Trump said in Otay Mesa, California. “We had 20 mountain climbers. That’s all they do—they love to climb mountains. They can have it. Me, I don’t want to climb mountains. But they’re very good, and some of them were champions. And we gave them different prototypes of walls, and this was the one that was hardest to climb.”

Trump claimed that this was proof that his new wall couldn't be climbed.

Well, an 8-year-old girl named Lucy Hancock just proved she could do it. It only took her 2 minutes.

She took up the challenge by a guy named Rick Weber who heard POTUS's comments on these alleged 20 rock climbers, who no one has even heard about and he doubts even exist, and sought to disprove the claims.

Rick built an exact replica of the wall Trump built and issued the challenge. Lucy took him up on it.

That's not all, though. An adult climber (no offense Lucy) also took Rick up on the challenge and scaled the wall in 40 seconds.

Rick held this challenge in Red River Gorge region of eastern Kentucky and is a founder of Muir Valley, one of the nation's most premier rock climbing preserves in North America. It's taking place on October 11th and 12th and coincides with Rocktoberfest, one of the largest gatherings of climbers in the U.S.

Rick says that his wall design is pretty much "identical" to the 18-foot version of the bollard wall now being erected on the border.

To be fair, Trump's wall does have two different heights depending on where it will be located, 18 and 30-feet. But, Rick says that doesn't matter too much. While it might take a little bit more time to cross it, everything else is the same.

Just to show you how easy these things are to climb, here's footage of a guy doing it while juggling. This thing really is a joke.