A woman was just arrested and dragged out of Trump's rally for wearing a 'I Can't Breathe' shirt (VIDEO)

President Trump's Tulsa, OK rally is set to kick off on Saturday night, and in the meantime, fans, supporters, media, and protesters are descending on the city in anticipation.

It is being reported that a woman who goes by the name Sheila Buck (and there is video of the incident) was just arrested and dragged from the rally while waiting in line because she was wearing a "I can't breathe" shirt.

While more information is still trying to be found out, the woman was seen being asked on video by reporters covering the event that police told her she had to go for "trespassing." She claimed multiple times that she had a ticket for the event and should be allowed to be there.

So far, there is no evidence the woman did anything improper to disrupt the event other than wear the shirt.

In fact, she could even be a Trump supporter who just doesn't like victims of police violence, although that is probably unlikely. She stated on the record that she was there by herself and was not apart of any organized group.

If this tells us anything, it means if you're wanting to go to a Trump rally in America, you need to dress like everyone in attendance. If you don't have a Trump shirt on, or a red ball cap, you're probably not going to get in.