A woman just flipped off Trump's entire motorcade as he went to play golf for the 2nd day in a row

President Trump visited the Trump National Golf Club in Virginia on Sunday for the second day in a row during a global pandemic.

What stood out this time were a string of protesters walking on the streets, including one unnamed lady who wasn't afraid to tell the president how she really felt.

Not all heroes wear capes.

The last time a woman flipped off Trump's motorcade it made national news - after the incident went viral she even lost her job. Flipping off the president apparently has consequences. While that seems like a harsh price to pay for making a nonviolent political statement, the woman did eventually end up winning a seat on the county board of supervisors in Virginia last year.

This woman also represents the majority of Americans. A poll recently came out showing that Trump is losing the support of older woman, especially in the battleground states where he needs them. The best way to make your voice heard, though, will be by voting.