A White House official is screaming at reporters while Trump makes bizarre facial expressions (VIDEOS)

President Donald Trump made his first public appearance in days on Tuesday, after an unscheduled visit to the hospital over the weekend.

He held a cabinet meeting and was angry that the media speculated about his health, even though it's hard to believe he was only there for part of an annual exam, an exam he typically gets in February.

"These people are sick, and the press really in this country is dangerous. We don't have freedom of the press in this country, we have the opposite. We have a very corrupt media and I hope they can get their act straight."

Trump said that he watched some of Lieutenant Colonel Vindman's testimony today being broadcast on television, and suggested he was only wearing his military uniform for performance reasons:

"I don't know him. I don't know, as he says Lieutenant Colonel - somebody had the misfortune of calling him mister and he corrected them. Uhh...I never saw the man. I understand he now wears his uniform when he goes in. No, I don't know Vindman at all."

At the end of the Q & A session with reporters, a White House official could be heard screaming at reporters to "make your way out" and "lets go press."

While this was happening Trump just sat there looking very uncomfortable while making facial gestures. Your average lipreader could make out the words "Thank you" while his face suggested he was saying something else.

We have a feeling he wasn't very thankful for them being there, especially after what he said about them just a bit earlier.

We have another video of the incident. This time you can see Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner just sitting quietly in the background.

Trump ended his conference by saying "If I don't get a deal with China, I will raise the tariffs (a tax on the American people) even higher."

Yes, the woman official is definitely screaming.