A Trump fan just tried to shame Joe Biden at a parade but it didn't work out so well

When former Vice President Joe Biden decided to officially throw his hat into the 2020 presidential race, President Donald Trump came out and started calling him "Sleepy Joe" in front of the world. That label was supposed to give Joe the stigma of being "too old" for the job, or words to that affect.

Despite Mr. Biden being only 3 years older than Donald Trump, that name has still stuck with the Republican president's supporters.

On July 4th, during an Independence parade where he was running, one of Trump's supporters shouted out "Sleepy Joe!" as Biden was within earshot, thinking nothing would happen to him if he heckled or tried to embarrass the current democratic front-runner. He was wrong. Instead - Mr. Biden walked up to him and said,"Come run with me!" The man declined.

NBC News' Mike Memoli saw the incident.

Here's video of Biden running while cheering fans look on the sidelines.

It's still really early but the polls indicate some very strong upward mobility for Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Kamala Harris. That's a no-brainer because both had strong debate performances. Biden is still the unanimous front-runner, though. All the polls show this, despite whatever the rhetoric might be online.

That said - if Biden wants to continue to be the front-runner and not be overrun or out messaged by his democratic rivals, he's going to need to start communicating his message instead of being on the defensive the entire race.

He's trying to do that.

He spoke with reporters more about his healthcare plan, saying trying to dismantle Obamacare from either the democratic or republican side is a mistake:

"The first thing I would do as president ... we're going to eliminate all the changes that this administration made trying to kill Obamacare, number one, and we're going to add to it a public option."

Joe is also actively working the crowd shaking as many hands as possible.