Yet another prominent group of Republicans just formed a Super Pac to help elect Joe Biden

As Tim Reid of Reuters reported, some 200 former administration officials who worked under President George W. Bush recently created a new Super Pac. Except this new group isn't trying to help re-elect Republican Donald Trump. They are forming this group to help the efforts of the presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

The group, 43 Alumni for Biden, recruited former White House officials, campaign aides and Cabinet secretaries who worked under former President Bush. High profile members will be revealed in the coming weeks. President Bush remains unafiliated with the group

Kristopher Purcell, a former of the Office of Communications in the White House under Bush and a member of the State Department, said while many of the group members are still Republican, they have realized that the need to defeat Trump goes beyond their personal politics. It is unclear, however, why it took four years form them to speak up.

Jennifer Millikin, a committee member of the group, said in an interview “We’re looking for the largest conglomerate of folks who want to help,  whether it’s writing a check, making phone calls, helping to get out the  vote, basic campaign 101. We just feel the time now is to restore  dignity to the White House, and the current gentleman is not, so that’s  why we’re supporting Joe Biden,”

Millikin further stated that the new Super Pac intended on focusing on positive messages. “We are the only group within these other groups that were all 43  alums,” said Millikin. “And unlike ... The Lincoln Project and the other groups that we know of, they’re spending tons of money on ads and  things of that nature, which is great. We’re going to raise money as well, we’re a super PAC, but our focus is not negative.”

“He’s a good man,” she said. “We as a group have policy differences with him. We’re just looking to have someone in the office who will stand up  and act like a leader. We can debate the differences in the way we think about policies, we can have a robust debate, that’s what America’s  for. But that’s not happening now, and we feel it will definitely happen with Joe Biden in office.”

Karen Kirksey, the group's director, told NPR "For four years, we have watched with grave concern as the party we loved has morphed into a cult of personality that little resembles the  party of Lincoln and Reagan."

"We  endorse Joe Biden not necessarily in full support of his political  agenda but rather in full agreement with the urgent need to restore the soul of this nation. Once elected, we look forward to working in a bipartisan way through civil, spirited debate on the many important issues facing Americans today and for decades to come."

The Lincoln Project, another group of prominent Republicans opposed to Trump, was co-founded by George Conway, husband of Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway.

Erin Perrine, the Trump campaign’s director of press communications,  said “this is the swamp, yet again, trying to take down the duly elected president.”