A federal judge stops Trump in his tracks: I'm making you reinstate Obama-era rules

The Trump administration is now being forced to reinstate Obama-era rules after a federal judge ruled on Monday that what President Trump and his team did was beyond the scope of the Oval Office.

One of the rules under issue is a requirement for companies to report how much they pay their workers, along with their gender and race. This is not only important for understanding how much people are being paid, but if pay fairness is instituted in the workplace.

Trump wanted to do away with that but the rules are designed for transparency. Judge Tanya S. Chutkan from the United States District Court for the District of Columbia simply wasn't buying it.

The Trump administration tried to argue that employers were burdened for having to report these details but Judge Chutkan said that argument wasn't very persuasive.

Because of this ruling, over 60,000 companies employing over 63 million people will still have to report this information designed to protect workers.

While the Trump administration can still appeal the decision, they will still need to comply.

We are still experiencing the entire effects of the law, including gender and race pay discrepancies. This ensures the American public continues to receive accurate information.

“This is part of a real cultural shift we’re seeing around transparency in pay,” said Emily Martin, vice president for education and workplace justice for the National Women’s Law Center. “In order to have equal and fair pay, employees need more information about their employers’ pay policies. So this is one step, but it’s not the last step.”