"3 cabinet officials" think President Trump has lost his damn mind

Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci says that he has inside information that President Trump's White House is on far more shaky ground than the administration would like you to believe.

Scaramucci said on CNN on Tuesday: “I talked to 3 cabinet officials last night who think the guy has lost his mind. The dam is about to start breaking with folks coming forward. I’m just the tip of the iceberg.”

That's not too hard to believe, actually. Trump has been firing members of his cabinet left and right since taking the oath of office.

While many top officials, including members of his cabinet are still loyal to Trump, three is a really high number. There is such a thing as the 25th amendment which could be enacted by Trump's cabinet if they lose complete faith and confidence in his ability to lead. It's also very unlikely they'd ever exercise that constitutional right.

News of this has got to be driving President Trump bonkers, because if true, there's no way Trump will allow them to continue to be employed. That means more resignations and firings, more chaos, and more distractions for this president who is trying to project a tough, strong image for his 2020 re-election campaign.

Scaramucci claims that Republicans may need to replace Trump on top of the 2020 ticket given all this information.